Fulford Christian Preschool, North Miami FL (Propulsion Lab)

“We used DTI for our 8 week summer program.  It was easy to use and hands-on.  The labs were fun, easy to set up, and all the parents were happy.  We added Lego Mindstorms and the kids were very engaged.

My Pre-K’s were doing things that my 15 year old does in High School, it was unbelieveable.”

Annette Lee, Owner
Annette Lee, Owner

Our labs are hands-on, fun, and easy to perform! They challenge students with “Real-World” Scenarios.

Our student handbooks have engaging storylines and promote literacy by introducing new terms within each distinct Challenge.

Your students will follow traditional engineering processes by conceptualizing and collaborating to solve real-world problems.

Watch as your student’s literacy ability takes off!  They will utilize retention, sensory, and creative experiences.