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STEM is Greater than Programming and Robotics

STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Math) is the newest subject that is being driven to help develop tomorrow’s ever evolving Society. We have to be mindful when we talk about STEM because it’s not just a buzzword educators should throw around to signify the advancement and evolution of school education programs. The biggest misconception I […]

Just how Important is STEM education?

We live in a world that is constantly changing, with new technologies hitting the shelf all the time. I remember a time when technology took years to upgrade to a newer version. Nowadays a new upgrade for our  smartphones is out every season. So how fast is our world’s technology growth? The graph below provides […]

Part of a Winning Team

While I was writing my Thesis in Graduate School, I had the privilege of being involved with a global and collaborative project, the General Motors (GM) Sustainable Urban Transportation (SUT) Design Project. The SUT design challenge was a inter-disciplinary engineering project that challenged my problem solving and critical thinking skills. I am proud to be part […]

The Value of Real World Experience to Young Learners

The biggest engineering project I have had the privilege to partake in thus far was NASA’s Reduced Gravity and Bio-mechanics (RGB) Simulation project. This was a 5 million dollar research project that involved engineers and scientists from different majors. What a great opportunity for me to get real world experience right after getting my Bachelors […]

Program Opportunities for Early Childhood Learning Centers

We have great new opportunities for Early Childhood centers to enhance summer programs with Design, Technology and Innovation (DTI),  a hands-on STEM summer program designed by real engineers with experience that spans the globe. Your students will be guided through an engaging hands-on summer experience that will challenge and excite them. We provide all the tools […]

The Impact of STEM in a Child’s Life

  Growing up, my old man believed in fixing everything himself so my first taste of technology/ engineering was not pleasant. It felt like another chore around the house that had to be done and got in the way of me spending time at a playground. I would later grow to love this very thing […]

Welcome to AWNOW.ORG!

We are a community based organization that bridges the opportunity gap between preparation and sustainability to empower communities. We prepare you to be successful in the classroom and beyond by providing sustainable life skills & strategies. We are architects of social change and positive experiences for today’s student. Our team is dedicated to providing education, […]