Crescendo is a music education program that reinforces the development of the total student.  Studies provide evidence of a continuum of success in regards to music programs and the arts.  Early and sustained educational experiences in music deliver multiple, reinforcing, and cumulative impacts that help prepare young people to learn, achieve, and succeed.

Performance based arts promote student and parental involvement in education.   Crescendo is designed to promote an appreciation, interest, and affinity for the arts in multiple forms. Students are guided through experiential classroom activities that encompass disciplines such as instrumentation, music appreciation, and musical theory.

Benefits of Music Education

Music education prepares students to learn:

  • Enhance Fine Motor Skills

  • Prepares the brain for achievement

  • Fosters superior working memory

  • Cultivates better thinking skill

Music Education facilitates student academic achievement:

  • Improve recall and retention of verbal information

  • Advances math achievement

  • Boosts reading and English language arts (ELA) skills

  • Improves average SAT score

Musical education develops creative capacities for lifelong success:

  • Sharpens student attentiveness

  • Strengthens perseverance

  • Equips students to be creative

  • Supports better study habits